Inquiry Learning

We believe that learning should transcend the classroom and disciplines. We believe that students need to learn that what they study in the classroom, relates to the world outside of school. Allowing the students opportunity to build their understanding of concepts and skills through investigation, experimentation, and observation is a core part of the teaching environment.

MYP Inquiry Project

Besides the inquiry-based learning in the MYP eight subject groups, I-EP Middle School students will take inquiry project each week to explore the six global contexts. There will be one inquiry project each month.

Inquiry field trips are short-distance trips designed according to the monthly themes. With the support of community resources and authentic contexts, students gain better understanding of the monthly themes and global contexts.


MYP Inquiry Project Theme

- Identities and Relationships

- Orientation in Space and Time

- Personal and cultural expression

- Scientific and Technical Innovation

- Globalization and sustainability

- Fairness and Development 


PYP Inquiry Project

To achieve authentic and transdisciplinary learning in I-EP Primary, we have our UOI programme. The UOI programme consists of six units with a transdisciplinary theme covering a range of topics under the six PYP Transdisciplinary Themes. To help the students understand the themes and concepts in the PYP UOI, the students go on excursions once per unit of inquiry.

PYP Inquiry Project Theme

- Who we are

- Where we are

- Where we are in Place and Time

- How we Express Ourselves

- How the World Works

- How we Organize Ourselves

- Sharing the Planet