We understand that English is a very important ability area for students when they choose to go with the international pathway in their education. 

In the English class in I-EP Middle School, teaching and learning is organized in six phases.The phases do not correspond to particular age groups or years. All students would be placed into their appropriate phases according to their English levels. The judgement of the students English level is based on the placement test done by the beginning of the year and students’ language learning profile. 

In English Language Acquisition class in I-EP Middle School, teaching and learning is organized under the philosophy of inquiry-based learning and conceptual learning.  teachers try to engage a student in the study of many aspects of the language and culture of a community, develop the student’s language, specifically their reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical literacy skills and provide a linguistic and academic challenge for students in order to give them the best possible educational experience, develop their language skills to their full potential and offer a study of a wide range of text types, writing styles and techniques. 

English Language Acquisition in IEP Middle School aims to teach students’ skills in the following areas and students are assessed in these four areas:

Criterion A   Comprehending spoken and visual text

Criterion B   Comprehending written and visual text 

Criterion C   Communicating in response to spoken, written and visual text

Criterion D   Using language in spoken and written form

In order to help students develop their English level and further cater for their individual learning need, IEP Middle School offers every student an online English learning account on Achieve3000, a differentiated english learning platform that records students’ learning curl with Lexile level.