Principal's Message


FLS Vice Principal/I-EP Principal/IHP Principal 

Shirley Huang 

Dear colleagues, parents, and students,

I am Huang Yan, the new vice principal of SCNU FLS and the director of the Innovation and Integration Department. I am very excited to be part of the team and I look forward to starting this new journey with you.

Over the past 27 years, I have been dedicated to the field of education. I have worked in a wide range of schools, from primary to secondary and high schools, from foreign language schools to international ones, and I have taught courses that integrate Chinese and foreign cultures. These experiences not only gave me an international perspective, solid foundation, and professional confidence, but also taught me how to get into the hearts of children of different ages and become good friends with them. I once worked in Guangwai Foreign Language School and participated in the establishment and development of a famous school in Dongguan. I also served as the principal of a well-known international middle school in Guangzhou, where I and my co-workers made astonishing achievements: 95.5% of our graduates received offers from the World’s Top 100 universities, and 56.7% were admitted to the World’s Top 30 universities. We have helped numerous students realize their dream of studying in world-class universities overseas. And now, with the greatest pleasure, I am here at SCNUFLS. Taking on the honor and responsibility of this new role, I will continue to provide quality education and live up to the expectations of teachers, students, and parents.

To teach is to love, to help children grow with our sincerity and wisdom. At SCNUFLS, I will work with my team to enhance our feature of “Embrace China, Embrace the World”. We will build our I-EP (Grades 1 to 9) into an exceptional IB program by deeply integrating the national curriculum with the IB framework, so as to lay a solid academic and character-building foundations for our students. We will build our IHP (Grades 9 to 12) into an excellent international high school, providing quality international high school courses and AP courses for students who wish to study abroad, and bringing them closer to their dream schools.

My experience has taught me that, educators should constantly innovate curriculum structures, classroom settings, and community cooperation, so that we can truly meet the learning and growth needs of different students. At the Innovation and Integration Department, “Innovation” and “integration” are not just slogans; they are what we believe and what we do. In the future, we will provide more options, better experience, and greater possibilities across our courses, activities, and education system. Our aim is to unlock our students’ potential and inspire them to do their best and become their best. We will keep our mission firmly in mind – we will build SCNUFLS into a caring, friendly, and desirable school and cultivate outstanding talents that are knowledgeable about both China and the world. We hope each of our students can have a carefree childhood, happy adolescence, vigorous youth, and a bright and lovely future.

A teacher of mine once said, “Education is a long wait. We always leave the light on for our students even when it is late at night.” My office is on the first floor. So kids, if you need anything, be it a heart-to-heart talk, some support, a motivational speech, or just a cup of tea, a warm hug, or a pat on the back, you are all welcome to come to my office. I will always keep my door open and leave the light on for you – until the dead of night.

I hope this light can brighten up your way to a great future.

Dear teachers and parents, I sincerely invite you to join me here. Let’s turn the light on for our students to empower them along the journey of growing up.