Welcome to enroll in the I-EP Program of Foreign Languages School Affiliated to South China Normal University. The Innovation Education Programme(I-EP)of our school is now starting pre-registration for freshmen and transfer students in the fall of 2022. Please read the following registration instructions carefully:

1. Enrolled Students

(1)The freshman in primary school.

(2)The freshman in junior high school.

(3)Transfer student in great performance.


2. Application Conditions

(1)There is no restriction on students' household registration.

(2)Grade 1: students who have intention to enroll in Grade 1 must turn 6 years of age before August 31st.

(3)Grade 7: fresh graduates of Grade 6 in primary school.

(4)Transfer students: meet the age requirements of the corresponding grade.

3. Application Deadline

Enrollment is open from now on until there are no places left.


4. Application Method (Online)

(1)Click the website: .  

Fill in student information.

(2)Wechat Official Account of I-EP

Click "了解我们" -- "新生登记" -- Fill in the registration information -- Complete the registration.


(3)Wechat Official Account of SCNUFL

Click "招生报读" -- "新生登记" --“I-EP(IB课程)中小学部”-- Fill in the registration information -- Complete the registration.


5. Application Deadline

As from today, we starts to accept online registration. If there are no available places, the application process will stop.


6. Contacts Us

Admission information can be directed to admission officers. If you want to learn more, please contact us.

Hotline: 020-32051995, 32051890, 32051989

People in Charge: Ms Bao

Mobile Phone Tel:13560380735(WeChat synchronization)


Address: No.2 Science Avenue, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong