Language Support

As an international school, multilingual teaching is an essential part of our curriculum. Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL) is one of our language projects.

There are three main types of students who benefit from CAL counseling:

1) Foreign students who are native speakers of another language; or ethnic Chinese who grew up abroad speaking Chinese language only with family.

2) Students growing up multilingual in Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan, but who cannot keep up with class due to lower reading and writing in Chinese.

3) Students studying at a Chinese international school where the language of instruction is not Chinese, and they are falling behind in Chinese subject classes.

The main purpose of CAL is to help these three types of students identify their weaknesses and to receive targeted training. Then they can narrow the gap with other students in their classes and make steady progress in their Chinese coursework. At the same time, we must also combine the relevant IB concepts to stimulate students' learning potential and maintain their interest in Chinese learning.